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Vision Statement

Sustainable Resources for Vibrant Communities


Mission Statement

Lumberjack RC&D Council strives to:


What is the mission of RC&D councils nationwide?

RC&Ds provide an area-wide framework for locally-directed action and cooperation aimed at solving problems identified by the people who are experiencing them first hand. RC&D councils operate on the premise that local citizens, with coordinated assistance provided by cooperating sources, can develop and carry out action plans which address problems they themselves have identified. Citizens, groups, organizations or agencies within the RC&D area can contribute by bringing concerns before the council, proposing projects and keeping the council aware of community needs.



Members of Lumberjack's Executive Committee receive Lumberjack's "Circle of Diamonds Award"

Treasurer Tom Rudolph, President Wayne Plant, Secretary Yvonne Van Pembrook and Vice President Bob Hermes holding Lumberjack's Circle of Diamonds Award and notification of acceptance to the enhanced Tier II.

The Circle of Diamonds status is awarded by the National Association of RC&DCs to councils that exemplify positive impacts upon the quality of life within their local area.

Lumberjack RC&D Council, Inc. excels in Accountability, Excellence, Service and Results

In 2014, Lumberjack RC&D obtained an enhanced Circle of Diamonds award to Tier II. Out of 375 RC&Ds nationwide, Lumberjack has the distinction of being one of approximately 25 councils to have been awarded this enhanced status. Lumberjack continues to excel as an organization adhering to maintaining high standards of financial management, personnel and planning policies with a firm dedication to fulfilling Lumberjack's vision and mission statements for the benefit of the land, water and people.


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