Conservation That Works!



Serving Florence, Forest, Langlade, Lincoln, Menominee, Oconto,

Oneida, Shawano & Vilas Counties in Northeast Wisconsin,U.S.A.



What is an RC&D?
Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) is a rural development program focusing on conservation, development and utilization of area natural resources to improve social, economic, and environmental conditions for area citizens.

The National RC&D program was established by federal legislation in 1962. This federal act directs the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to help local units of government conserve and properly utilize natural resources to solve local problems. Local councils, with input from area citizens, set program priorities. A variety of organizations, companies and government entities provide assistance to local people in accomplishing their program goals. Lumberjack RC&D was established in 1968.

Many local RC&D's lost federal funding following the recession of 2008.  Lumberjack lost its federal funding on  April 15, 2011.  While this forced many RC&D's to close, Lumberjack remains a vibrant and successful RC&D and continues to provide the same services as always.

Who are the Local Sponsors?
The Lumberjack RC&D service area is made up of 10 counties
in Northeastern WI.  In order to be considered a Sponsor (a
member in good standing with appointee and voting privileges)
counties must pay annual dues of $200.    The following
counties are currently Sponsors: Florence, Forest, Langlade,
Lincoln, Menominee, Oconto, Oneida, Shawano and Vilas. 
The gray shaded area on the map to the right shows the nine counties.  Marienette County, which falls within
the Lumberjack RC&D Council Service Area, is currently not a Sponsor County. 

County Boards of Supervisors and County Land Conservation Committees (LCC) sponsor the Lumberjack RC&D Council by providing one representative and one alternate to the Council's Board of Directors. In addition, the Council may approve up to seven At-Large representatives to serve as board members with full voting privileges. At-Large members may not be elected or appointed county officials. It is the appointed supervisor's  or alternate's responsibility to keep their local county's Land Conservation Committee informed about Lumberjack news and events.  These same members or alternates are also responsible to present local projects to their Land Conservation Committees for approval to submit as a Lumberjack Community Project.  (See Projects Page for the complete policy and application.)
The council meets quarterly to make decisions and vote on actions to be taken on various projects. Executive, Finance/Contracting and Personnel Committees meet as needed between full Council meetings.

Lumberjack RC&D Council, Inc. is...

  • a tax-exempt nonprofit corporation with a 501(c)(3) designation and State of Wisconsin charitable status
  • administered by a group of community leaders who provide direction and leadership to identify and address area needs
  • a program that relies on multi-county cooperation and the creation of partnerships
  • a program that allows for interagency cooperation and provides increased access to state and federal programs
  • a program that helps coordinate the development of natural, economic and human resources
  • assisted by staff and consultants to help implement projects
  • comprised of the following standing committees that deal with a variety of project ideas and Council issues: Agriculture/Energy, Finance/Contracting, Forestry, Personnel/Special Events, and Recreation-Tourism/Rural Development
  • partners with federal, state, county and other local organizations in cooperative conservation ventures

Members of Lumberjack's 2014-2016 Executive Board receive NARC&DC's "Circle of Diamonds Award".  The Circle of Diamonds status is awarded by the National Association of RC&DCs to local councils that exemplify positive impacts on the quality of life within their local area.  Lumberjack RC&D Council, Inc. excels in Accountability, Excellence, Service and Results.  From left Treasurer Tom Rudolph, President Wayne Plant, Secretary Yvonne Van Pembrook and Vice President Bob Hermes holding Lumberjack's Circle of Diamonds Award and notification of acceptance to the enhanced Tier II.   

In 2014, Lumberjack RC&D obtained an enhanced Circle of Diamonds award to Tier II. Out of 375 RC&Ds nationwide, Lumberjack has the distinction of being one of approximately 25 councils to have been awarded this enhanced status. Lumberjack continues to excel as an organization adhering to maintaining high standards of financial management, personnel and planning policies with a firm dedication to fulfilling Lumberjack's vision and mission statements for the benefit of the land, water and people.  Lumberjack will be eligible to receive the award again in 2017.