You've Been Appointed to Lumberjack. 

What does that mean?

It means you've been appointed to work with a group of public and private friends and neighbors to enhance area natural resources that improve the quality of life for area residents. 

The Lumberjack Council is made up of nine counties in Northeastern WI - Florence, Forest, Langlade, Lincoln, Menominee, Oconto, Oneida, Shawano, and Vilas . 

The Lumberjack RC&D Council's membership is comprised of appointees from each member county and seven At-Large members.   Member County Chairpersons choose their Lumberjack appointees after their bi-annual Spring County Board elections.   Lumberjack appointees are made up of supervisors that sit on the county's Land & Water Conservation Committees.  The Council also elects an Executive Board made up of a President, Vice-President, Past-President, Secretary & Treasurer.

The Council meets quarterly on the last Thursday of January, April, July & October.  The location is rotated alphabetically by county and each county’s council member chooses the venue.  It’s a great way to visit many counties and learn about their conservation issues.

An Resource Conservation & Development Council is an organization dedicated to helping solve conservation issues.  RC&D's started in the 1960s at the Federal level and were formed to address a whole host of environmental and conservation issues.  There is the federal RC&D, regional RC&Ds, State RC&Ds and Local RC&Ds.   Local RC&Ds such as the Lumberjack Council are made up of appointees and volunteers who identify unmet needs in their communities and work with local citizens to create solutions. The folks who make up an RC&D council are neighbors. They know how to blend government programs with local needs to produce results.

Lumberjack was originally funded in part through the Federal RC&D Program, along with many other local RC&Ds.  When that funding went away during the budget cuts of 2007-2009, many local RC&Ds were forced to cut services or even close.  Lumberjack is fortunate to have held the Federal and State Forest Inventory contracts which have sustained operations during these difficult times.  The FIA/WI CFI contracts have provided retained earnings that have grown over the years.  These earnings have provided Lumberjack the means to be a fiscal sponsor to grant-funded conservation groups which in turn provides another source of income.  Combining these funds with frugal spending practices and wise investing, Lumberjack is now able to give back by funding community grants for conservation projects within our service area.  Lumberjack continues to  search out public and private environmental grant opportunities that meet our mission.

How is Lumberjack Funded?

Within our service area, we partner with counties’ Land & Water Conservation Departments to identify and help fund natural resource and community projects.  We are the fiscal sponsor for two local non-profit Cooperative Invasive Species Management Associations (CISMAs).  We hold the US Forest Service/WI DNR Forest Inventory Contracts through 2019 and we employ the Tri-County Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator for Langlade, Lincoln & Forest Counties.

Depending on the time of year, the Council will hear and vote on project funding, listen to presentations from project recipients, decide on policy and governance, hold elections and hear updates from county projects.  Annually, the Council hosts the Lumberjack Sustainable Forestry Awards.  These awards are given in three categories to individuals or groups that have shown great forest management.

When & Where does the Council Meet?

Who is on the Council?

What Happens at a Council Meeting?

2016-2018 Executive Committee from left to right: President Bob Hermes, Treasurer Claudia Baker, Vice-President Dave Solin, Secretary Yvonne VanPembrook and Past- President Wayne Plant.

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What is the Service Area?




Serving Florence, Forest, Langlade, Lincoln, Menominee, Oconto,

Oneida, Shawano & Vilas Counties in Northeast Wisconsin,U.S.A.

Lumberjack Resource Conservation & Development Council, Inc., a multi-county, nonprofit in Northeastern Wisconsin, strives to enhance area natural resources, promote a higher standard of living and improve the quality of life for area citizens by fostering partnerships between public and private sectors and strategically investing in area natural resources.

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How Does the Lumberjack Council go about meeting its Mission?